Project Posters

CLAE II conference posters

Here you will find posters made by the teachers who have participated in the CLAE II project. The posters show examples from the 3 subjects that were particularly focused on in the project: Mother Tounge (French/Norwegian/Spanish/ Valencian), Social Science/History and English as Foreign Language.

Posters in Norwegian

CLAE II – Å bruke litteratur i kritsik tenkning
CLAE II – Emojier vårt visuelle språk
CLAE II – How has immigration and emigration affected Norway
CLAE II – Being a Norwegian Jew and a German during WW2
CLAE II – Språk og holdninger

Posters in English

CLAE II – A date with History
CLAE II – Adolesence and social network
CLAE II – Different kind of communication Forrest Gump
CLAE II – Exotic pets
CLAE II – Language and views
CLAE II – Mandala
CLAE II- Put on a new pair of glasses
CLAE II – Our visual language
CLAE II – The boy in the striped pyjamas
CLAE II – Using fiction in dialogical activity
CLAE II – Using literature in critical thinking
Clae II – And if the earth was flat
Clae II – And the future, is it today
Clae II – Debate about freedom of speech
Clae II – Forest of the brothers
Clae II – Lets play safe
Clae II – Poetry – what´s the point?
Clae II – The slavery in Ancient Rome
Clae II – Should we be afraid of scientific progress?
Clae II – Understanding the fables of La Fontaine

CLAE I conference posters

Poster 1 – What was it like…
Poster 2 – Like A Kid
Poster 3 – Choose Kind
Poster 4 – Compare growing up in Norway and other countries in the World
Poster 5 – What is a Hero?
Poster 6 – Immigration Debate
Poster 7 – The Game of Claims
Poster 8 – Understanding text/pictures in children’s books
Poster 9 – Real News/ Fake News
Poster 10 – Propaganda
Poster 11 – Pupils Debate
Poster 12 – How to resist the strongest
Poster 13 – Poetry a Critical Vector
Poster 14 – How to use Wikipedia
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