CLAE II – Presentations 2019 – 2022

Upstart CLAE I to CLAE II – Alexandre Dessingue
Presentation CLAE II – The Role of Metacognition in Education and Teaching
Clae II – Formacioìn – Don Joseì Lluch
CLAE II Survey Results – Alexandre Dessingue
CLAE II – Fichas ingles portafolio y debate
CLAE II – A dialogue on dialogic pedagogies – Diane Potts
Clae II – Methodological guidelines for development of critical thinking 2019
Clae II presentation in Stavanger
Final Report for CLAE – 2022 Alexandre Dessingue

“Om Kritisk tenking i skolen” av Professor Alexandre Dessingué

15.09.2020 Kritisk tenking

CLAE I – Presentations from 2018 & 2019

CLAE Findings
CLAE II – Methodological guidelines for the development of critical thinking 2019
What we should know

CLAE I – Launch Conference March 2017

Clae – A Common Framework
Clae I – What is this project about? – Alexandre Dessingue
Critical Literacies and Awareness in English Teaching
Critical Literacy in Literature Teaching
Historical Critical Literacy
Education Systems Norway – France
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