International Conference in Dunkerque, France

International conferences for project participants were carried out in France, the 4th-6th October 2022. Project participants from England, Norway and Spain were invited to the city of Dunkerque on the east coast.

The conference was held at the Collège Guilleminot (CDI).

Main issues were:

  • Feedback on the activities prepared jointly in Stavanger in June
  • Visit of Collage Van Hecke
  • Group visits to three schools. Norwegian and Spanish teachers attend lessons.
  • Interviews conducted by teacher-researchers with school teachers
  • Researchers report on research conducted during the CLAE II project

As a social activity the participants had an interesting architectural/historical tour of the city. Dunkerque has a fascinating WW2-history, mostly know for the 300 000 allied soldiers who was evacuated from the beach. But, Dunkerque is also known for the carnival, often described as France’s oddest and maddest carnival.

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