International Conference in Stavanger, Norway

International conferences for project participants were carried out in Norway, the 7th-9th June 2022. Project participants from England, France and Spain were invited to the city of Stavanger on the southwest coast.

The conference was held at the University in Stavanger.

Main issues were:

  • The role of metacognition in education and teaching, by associated Professor Hans Erik Bugge, University of Stavanger
  • Dialog based teaching in the classroom, by Professor Diane Potts, Lancaster University
  • Session with teacher’s poster presentations in micro groups. Teachers sharing of professional experience related to CLAE project.
  • Introduction to teamwork, by Professor Alexandre Dessingué, University of Stavanger
  • Teamwork in international, disciplinary groups (Mother tounge/English/ Social Science) to develop common teaching plans aiming to rise pupil’s critical competency and focusing on teachers implementing “culture of the dialogue”/ dialogical practices in the classroom.
  • International steering group meeting
  • School visits at the schools Frøyland and Vardheia

There were also some social activities. In Stavanger we had a short briefing about Iddis – the Norwegian Printing Museum and the Norwegian Canning Museum by Inge Eikland, MUST In Norway hiking in the mountains is a must, so the second day we went hiking to Mulen in Dirdal. From the mountain we had a wonderful view over the fjord and Dirdal valley. When we came back to the car park, we went to a beach to do activities like stand-up paddle, fishing, or a short boat trip. Ørnulf Tendeland, from the local Gjesdal Historie-og ættesogelag gave us glimpses of local WW2 history. In the evening there was a barbecue and “17 May games” (typical games Norwegians play in the Norwegian constitution day celebrations).

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